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The compassionate experience through Classical Pilates

Joe Pilates' goal was simple: Return to life

Joe Pilates designed his method with one goal in mind: improve the quality of life through a healthy body and healthy mind. We have learned that we cannot achieve Joe's vision for you by adding stress, expectations, pressure to perform, and all kinds of modern gadgets.

Pilates. The way Joe envisioned it, and the way Joe taught it.

‘Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.’
Joseph Pilates

Why Sundial Pilates?

We meet you where you are

You don’t need to have any experience to get started. That’s how we got started 😊

Pilates is for every body

Experience Joe Pilates’ original method to achieve a higher quality of life through strength of normal, everyday movement, proven for over 100 years.

Small is beautiful

Don’t expect a huge studio where you are a number; expect a personal approach to help you given your abilities and goals.

We Offer ...

We don’t just call our workouts Pilates. Our classes use the classical Pilates method, recommended by doctors and physical therapists to treat muscles weakened by injury or chronic imbalance. We offer Private, Semi Private and Group Classes.

Sundial Pilates in Carefree



Sundial Pilates in Carefree


Sundial Pilates in Carefree


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